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MODEL: Samantha Killingsworth Mc Mahon
PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Mantoura ( AM Photography)
HMUA: Belinda Tanswell
STYLING: Briony Kent ( Storiesofb)

“All dressed up with nowhere to go”
The editorial documents a day in the life of a restless, 20 something. Sam’s dressed up with nowhere to go. It emulates my generation’s obsessions with fashion & couture. This is always combated with trying to break through the reality that life & status don’t always match the desire for luxury, power & fame that we may desire in our overly saturated information technology society. Placing the model in a rundown share house setting (in the southern suburbs of Melbourne) , I wanted to create a feeling of uneasiness, restlessness ,boredom & loss of purpose. Showing that in difference is cooler than ever. I contrasted the strong- lined masculine garments (though soft in texture) against the stark, empty & gritty house setting. We used lots of oversized shirts, baggy pants, & casual branded tops to show more of the masculine side to fashion that young woman in their 20’s have adopted more than ever. Coupling Formal styled white, wide-legged Cue pants & with an old Nike shirt for instance reflects the mix & match style of Melbourne’s young fashion scene, taking from couture & holding onto accessible & even mass produced pieces. This is our age! The age of accessible luxury. It’s now fashionable to be one of those; unschooled in the often meaningless & feigned superiority that once made high fashion have its elite status & gravitas. It is no longer against the rules to be transparent, having egalitarian approaches to the fashion world. This anti. I’m saying fuck you & thankyou to fashion all at the same time. By devaluing luxury we put value to what matters now, indifference and the non chalant culture , desperately trying to fit in , by not fitting in at all.

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