Hunter Creative Network

About Us

About Us

Hunter Creative Network officially launched in 2012 and is a non-commercial visual and creative arts collaborative network. Teams of artists work together to create beautiful imagery for their portfolios, each contributing time and materials in exchange for images. Hunter Creative Network is a non-profit organisation operating on a voluntary basis to bring artists together to develop essential skills, network with like-minded artists and nurture talent within the community. Hunter Creative is administered by Community Manager and Creative Directors Deb Stephens and Jasmine Worrall along with a supporting time of volunteers.


Our History

Officially launched in 2012, Hunter Creative Network originated from two artists, Mikhala Mittmann and Cynthjua Pappin, during discussions on the wealth of unnoticed talent within the Hunter Region of New South Wales.

In 2012 the Hunter Creative Facebook page was created and artists were invited to participate. This proved successful, with over 1,000 artists joining the new community. Due to its popularity, the Network has now broadened to incorporate Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia South Australia and other regions of the New South Wales, with an increasing number of artists each year with Currently over 4,700 members.

How Hunter Creative Works

We offer our community the opportunity to collaborate on inspiration based artistic photographic projects.

Each project is assigned one or more teams to create a series of unique images inspired by a particular image or mood board gathered by the Hunter Creative network Community Administrators from various sources.

The nominated team come together and discuss details such as style, location and post production which then becomes the “brief” for the project. Hunter Creative network provides Facebook groups, information, contracts and ongoing support to help each team achieve their goals. An administrator is assigned to each group to monitor progress and assistance.

Once a project is completed, the final edited photographs are forwarded to the group administrator. The images are then showcased on our Facebook Community Page, Instagram and on the Hunter Creative Network website where each artist is fully-credited for their work. This process challenges participants to push their own creative development while supporting each others development, while at the same time artistic relationships build. This is essential to any creative artists network while refining your skills on your journey to become experienced and industry professionals.