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Belinda Matheson

Hi My Name is Belinda Matheson.

I have been professionally involved with photography since 2008.

I have organised and staged a major Fashion and Model Shoot with 8 models with 2 dress changes, makeup artists, nail artists, hair stylist and 3 fashion designers, local and interstate. I also invited a number of student photographers along to experience what it is like to be involved in a major event. It was a great and success day, long and tiring but very rewarding and inspiring.

The type of photography that inspires me is passionate, romantic, dark, mystical, colourful, floral, emotional and mesmerizing. I strive to pull the emotion from the model. Anyone can take a pretty photo but I also want the model to feel the passion, to show the passion in his or her poses, that I feel.

I am not a technical photographer; I am more creative in what I want to show. I love working with people who want to contribute with ideas, help to build a masterpiece. I will have an idea in my head and will search the Internet to find photos and then visit the opportunity stores to find the clothing. I am also a florist by trade, so if I need a headpiece, will do the same.

Photography is my passion; it’s where I can create and have fun and that is what life is about.

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