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Hunter Creative Magazine is a biannual professional industry publication that features the best artist submitted work from Hunter Creative Network members. Hunter Creative Magazine is a collaborative release, produced by Fenton Publishing Group in conjunction with Hunter Creative Network and its incredible artistic community.

Each issue of Hunter Creative Magazine contains professional articles written by our community members, educational articles written by contributing industry professionals, community artist interviews and professional industry editorials showcasing the best of Hunter creative’s talent. Hunter Creative Magazine welcome submissions from all Hunter Creative project artists, the magazine is dedicated to promoting outstanding skill and artists passionate about becoming professional artists in their chosen field.


Submissions are free to all Hunter Creative Network members. Details on how to submit your work for consideration are on the Fenton Publishing page linked here. If you have any questions regarding the submission process, do not hesitate in contacting Hunter Creative Network or Fenton Publishing.

Submission Forms


Hunter Creative Network and Fenton Publishing have worked tirelessly to produce a high quality and industry standard printed and digital magazine.

Purchasing options for individual items and packages are available and suit anyone’s budget. Printed copies price includes shipping, high standard industry quality printing and pages, maximising the reader’s experience and showcasing the artists work in the best possible way.

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We have advertising space available to purchase. Advertising space comes in a range of sizes starting with 1/4 page to full page size.
Advertising space is only available for our digital magazine publications. Printed magazines will not have advertising of any kind as printed magazines are portfolio art quality art only publication style books.

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