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About Us and some important Documents

Hunter Creative is about creating beautiful images.  We intend to enable artists to collaborate on TFP (Time for Prints) projects within the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Gosford/Central Coast; Sydney, NSW; Qld; Victoria. Each month or so we will place a number of Inspiration Photographs in an album for the artists to comment their interest in being involved in.

To be involved in the projects, the process is quite simple, and is detailed here for your information:-

1.  Once the inspiration photographs are posted, we call for a photographer and a makeup artist to comment their interest in any inspiration;

2.  When commenting, all artists are asked to also nominate their region, e.g Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle;

3.  Once a photographer and makeup artist and stylist (hopefully) from the same region have commented, they will be cast for the inspiration;

4.  A group is then made by the admin and these artists are added to the group;

5.  Within the group you will discuss a suitable date, time, location that you are all available to participate in the project;

6.  You then inform the admin and we will put up a casting call for a suitable model from that region.

7.  Please note that the photographer, makeup artists and stylist (where applicable) will choose the model who best suits the theme from the models

who comment.  If it is felt that none of the models who have commented meet the needs of the project, you must discuss with the Hunter

Creative Admins. and we will advise further.

8.  The admin will cast the model, add her to the group and then you will discuss all final details of the shoot.

9.  At all times, the shoot must be discussed with relation to the best outcome for all artists, e.g. good close up shots of the makeup; clear shots of the

stylists work (where applicable) and, of course, those for the model and the photographer.

10. Once the shoot has been finalised, the photographer will go through the photographs and present at least 10 within the group for comment

regarding editing.  The photographer does not have to edit every photograph that has been taken;

11. Discussion with then take place between all artists in regard to what photographs they would like edited (those that will be of benefit to each);

12. The photographer will then edit these photographs and present them back to the group for comment;

13. If all artists are satisfied with the edited photographs; between 5 – 10 (high quality) of these are then forwarded to Hunter Creative to be placed in

an album to showcase all artist’s work. Please note that the number of pics is an estimate and is a general scenario.  Some photographers may

choose to send you more edited pics than the amount stated.  If this be the case, then please enjoy and appreciate the work and effort done by

that Photographer;

14. Five of these photographs will also be placed on our website for the wider audience.

NOTE:  Please also note that it is the responsibility of each artist to read Hunter Creative’s Terms and Conditions before they commit to participation in any project.

NOTE:  If at any time there are any issues of concern within the group, e.g. lack of communication, artist withdrawal from project, conflict or misunderstanding, please feel free to message the admin and we will assist in resolving the issue.

ALSO NOTE: Please do not nominate to participate in any project if you feel that you may not be able to be 100% committed to the finalisation of same.

We do appreciate, at times, there can be valid reasons for “pulling out” of a project, but when these reasons occur, you MUST notify the other members of the group and the admin of Hunter Creative. PLEASE do not just leave the group without communicating.



  1. Raju Nambiar

    Im a newby photographer , would like to join this community.. please advice the process

    1. Alyeesha

      Hi Raju,

      If you are an Australian artist you can join our community. All you need to do is visit our facebook page at Thank you for your interest.

    2. Alyeesha

      If you are an Australian Artists living in Australia please visit our Facebook page and groups to join in on upcoming projects. Thank you for contacting us.


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