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Peter Elgar – Photographer

Peter Elgar, photographer & image retoucher with Elgar Images

About 6 years ago, I decided on a career change, leaving a well-paid, but boring job in finance for a poorly paid, but exciting one as a photographer, and I’m so glad I did as I just love my work! Beauty, colour, light, and shade is all around us and capturing a scene through your lens as you see it in the mind, is both challenging and a lot of fun.

So far my journey in photography has taken me down many roads – HDR, landscape, macro, sport, weddings, street, low light, but my current love is doing portraits. I’ve been lucky enough to win awards and had my work published locally and internationally, meeting many creative people and making some wonderful friends along the way.

So, where to now? I really don’t know, which in a way, makes it all the more exciting. I’m based in the South East of Melbourne and shoot occasionally in the studio, but mainly on location.

My work can be seen:




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