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Hunter Creative Network was officially launched in 2012 and is a Trade for Photos (TFP) only visual and creative arts network. Hunter Creative is run on an entirely non-profit, voluntary basis as an informal network designed to bring together a range of artists, both established and aspiring, from disciplines such as modeling, hair styling, makeup artistry, photography, couture and set design and styling.

Hunter Creative’s sole purpose is to provide opportunities for its artists to develop and sharpen skills, nurture existing talents of themselves and others and assist all artists to develop and expand their individual portfolios through the completion of inspirations/photo shoot projects.

At Hunter Creative, our aim is to bring artists together so that we may all encourage each other, inspire each other and support the development of each other’s creative abilities whilst building upon our existing talents and passion for visual and creative arts. We understand that our various artists and models may come from diverse backgrounds with differing levels of experience ranging from Beginner to Advanced. We ask that all participating artists take this into consideration when joining and supporting our creative network.


All participating artists agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hunter Creative and its appointed administration of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorney’s fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to the work of any artist whilst participating in a Hunter Creative Network project.



Photographers are responsible to supply any necessary camera equipment, lighting, and lighting modifiers as well as secure a venue agreeable to all artists for execution of the project. Where there is no set designer/stylist cast, photographers are responsible to design/style their own sets and provide any props.

If working with other artists under the age of 18 years, when unaccompanied by their parents or legal guardians, photographers must also undertake a Working With Children Check (WWCC) and supply their current WWCC details when requested to do so by the parents or guardians of minor artists engaged in the project. A parent or legal guardian MUST accompany all minor participants at all times.

Photographers are also responsible for the due care of all images arising from the project and are expected to obtain a suitable Release from all other participating artists to facilitate the appropriate use of those images. Photographers are responsible to ensure as far as possible that there are no inappropriate images of any artist either captured or published.

If the project is to take place on private property, whether in a studio or outdoors, photographers are responsible to ensure the owner of the premises has adequate Public Liability Insurance coverage sufficient for all artists using the venue.

Hair & Makeup Artists:

Hair& Makeup Artists (HMUA) must provide some evidence of their qualifications or proof of education to other artists in their project team when requested. Failure to do so will result in that artist’s role in the project being recast. Makeup artists and hair stylists must be able to perform a styling or makeup application reflective of the professional abilities and skills they possess via formal training or verifiable equivalent industry experience.

HMUA are responsible to provide any and all hair and makeup products, tools and equipment necessary to complete the project. Hair and Makeup artists are responsible to use only clean and properly maintained brushes and equipment and uncontaminated products.

If applying makeup to more than one model, any brushes and equipment used must be cleaned again in between uses. Hand sanitizer should be used before each application to ensure hands are clean. Hair stylists are also expected to ensure their equipment is clean and sanitized before each use. Should a hair stylist come into contact with head lice or any contagious disease or infection, the styling of the subject’s hair must cease immediately.

Hunter Creative Network encourages hair and makeup artists to obtain suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage against the likelihood of any model being harmed due to the actions of the artist. Given that some artists may be sensitive to certain products used on either skin or hair, HMUA is also responsible to check whether other artists have any such sensitivity before commencing work.


Hunter Creative Network acknowledges and understands that one purpose of this site is to bring together aspiring models in a bid to increase their public profile and build a reputable portfolio. For that reason, we expect that all models participating in the Hunter Creative Network will bring with them a genuine passion for the industry as well as a positive attitude. Evidence of that attitude includes arrival at a project venue on time or ahead of time, ready to start work and willing to assist in any preparations if necessary.

Any model, regardless of experience or talent, is expected to take their personal grooming seriously before arriving for any photo shoot. Models are also encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance and to aim to present themselves and the network in the best possible manner. Models must arrive at the project venue with an acceptable level of grooming and personal care, including but not limited to clean hair, fresh clean skin, use of a deodorant or antiperspirant, appropriate hair removal or waxing especially where bathing or bikini shoots are required, and clean and well-groomed nails.

Where no couturier or hair stylist is cast, models will be expected to provide their own clothing, including shoes and accessories, in keeping with the project inspiration and to style their own hair if necessary.

Couturiers, Stylists and Set Designers:

Couturiers, Stylists and Set Designers are expected to provide all necessary supplies to complete their tasks in a timely and professional manner. If supplying personal wear, it must be clean and free of contamination. If supplying props or other items, they must be appropriately sanitized to protect the health of all artists.


It must always be remembered that TFP projects are not “free” or “unpaid”. Payment is embodied in the obligation of every artist to provide their talent and expertise in exchange for images for their personal portfolio. Photographers are to treat seriously their obligation to provide suitable and beneficial images to the portfolio of each other artist in a timely and proficient manner. Other artists are expected to apply the same care and diligence to their duties as if they were being financially rewarded for their work.

It is vital for all team members to respect that every artist in a project is making a valuable contribution to the success of that project; that should be clear from the list of responsibilities supplied. Any artist who exhibits a lack of respect for the contributions of others will not be further supported within the network.

Under the Hunter Creative Network model, it is the responsibility of the first artist cast to cast the remaining artists for their project. It is also that artist’s responsibility to create their project group and invite any other artists subsequently cast to join that group. That responsibility applies whether the inspiration was the artist – submitted or posted by Hunter Creative Network administration volunteers.

It is the responsibility of EVERY project team member to satisfy themselves as to the bona fides and expertise of the other team members before agreeing to complete a project. Agreement to continue the project after all artists have been cast will constitute each artist’s acceptance of the skills and expertise of all other project group members.


Hunter Creative Network has helped members to form some very close friendships through networking. The community itself is proud to bring artists together and help them to continue building friendships via the online networking method. As we are largely a community, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines where social media etiquette and behavior is concerned.

1.  BULLYING Bullying and its group equivalent “mobbing” will NOT be tolerated in any shape or form. Whether you are attacking the work of an artist or the artist themselves we will view this as grounds to terminate your presence within our community.While Hunter Creative is open to receiving constructive criticism, we will not condone or tolerate bullying within any formed group. To discuss what constitutes bullying behavior, please contact an admin or follow this link:– violence- harassment-and-bullying-fact-sheet

2. SOCIAL IMAGE The social image refers to the impact you have whilst engaging in any form of social media. The way you represent yourself in your private life is completely under your control. However, whilst representing Hunter Creative Network and participating in our online community, we ask that you carry yourself professionally and in a manner that corresponds to our mission and values.

We will not under any circumstance tolerate behavior from artists that publicly and deliberately attempts to tarnish the reputation of Hunter Creative Network or any of its members or affiliates. That includes but is not limited to slander, libel or false statements, and obvious misinterpretations of any of Its members.

3.  MISCONDUCT Hunter Creative is always concerned about the well being of our artists and members alike. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or unsure of any situation, whether online or where direct contact has been made, please bring it to the attention of an admin who will gladly attempt to resolve the situation immediately. Examples may include unwanted sexual advances, harassment, stalking or any form of online abuse that makes you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

4.  PROJECT ACTIVITY & COMPLETION Hunter Creative admins will work with your inspiration group, if required, to make sure your project comes together smoothly and is completed in a timely manner. However, Hunter Creative will not take responsibility for the non-completion of group’s project, or the failure of team members to organize the project schedule and location accordingly. It is the sole responsibility of the group and its members to foster a team-like environment where team members come together and discuss the date, time, location and any further particulars required to complete to every member’s satisfaction.

5. IMAGE SUBMISSION FOR PUBLICATION As part of your submitted project work, Hunter Creative Network reserves the right to select exceptional artist project artworks for physical and digital publication in the form of magazines, books and associated promotional material. Hunter Creative Magazine will be created, printed, distributed and managed by Fenton Publishing Group [] All selected submitted project artwork will be selected by a board of industry peers and Hunter Creative Admin and the final say as to all publication decisions will be made by Hunter Creative Network. If your images are selected Hunter Creative Network will require you to have available correctly sized, high resolution images of your project submitted work set at 300dpi (which is the minimum requirement for physical published imagery) All artists that have work published will receive additional promotional from both Hunter Creative Network and Fenton Publishing Group media networks.

6. COMMITMENT TO THE PROJECT If you leave a group with no explanation or communication with the other artists or admins you will be placed on the No Casting List.

If you get offered paid work for the same day as the Hunter Creative TFP shoot and you ask for the shoot to be rescheduled you will be recast. Once planning is in place such as studio is booked, other artists have put other things off to commit to the original date – the original date will remain the shoot date.

When casting a model for a shoot it is recommended that you basically choose two models so that you have a “back up”. This can be explained to the models.

If, however, things such as illness, hospitalization, loss of a loved one etc is the reason you are needing to reschedule the shoot this will be accepted. These are the only times rescheduling will be considered, however, if the other artists don’t wish to reschedule (or absolutely can’t due to their own commitments and workload) another artist may be recast. This is not punishment and for those that are recast due to illness will be offered another project to be involved in when their health, grieving etc has improved.

All casting calls will only be placed in the Hunter Creative Project Casting Group.


All artists are required accept the foregoing Terms and Conditions in their entirety in order to be eligible for participation in Hunter Creative Network projects. Please make yourself familiar with the Responsibilities, Rules, and Guidelines applicable to your creative role.

Failure to adhere to any of the foregoing Responsibilities, Rules, and Guidelines may lead to a member’s termination from the Hunter Creative Network. While we will always endeavor to work with our member artists to ensure that does not happen lightly, no correspondence will be entered into regarding any artist’s removal from the network. In circumstances where there is a serious breach of these Terms & Conditions, Hunter Creative Network admins reserve the right to immediately remove an offending member without notice.

While the admins are unpaid volunteers, our message box is open 24/7 and we welcome all constructive comments and inquiries. It is our aim to make your involvement with Hunter Creative Network as positive an experience as possible.



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