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Rules for the Shoot and Advice for New or Aspiring Models

We’d like to share the “Rules for the Shoot” of one of our experienced photographers and share some of his advice for aspiring models (and their mums where underage models are involved).

Rules for the Shoot:

Rule #1 – Have FUN!
Rule #2 – Do NOTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy
Rule #3 – If in doubt about Rule #2, refer to Rule #1

There are some nasty suggestions doing the rounds that need to be debunked.

1. You do NOT have to do NUDE to be successful as a model
2. You do NOT have to do IMPLIED NUDE to be successful as a model.
3. Whether under age or not, you SHOULD be accompanied on ANY shoot where you do not know and trust the photographer implicitly, and most times even when you do.
4. You should NOT put yourself in harms way for the sake of a portfolio shot. Remote locations, night shoots, dangerous locations (e.g. railway tracks, industrial sites, etc.) are NOT required to prove your versatility as a model.
5. “Edgy” does NOT mean “weird” or “discomforting” behaviour. You will always produce better work if you are at ease with the photographer’s objectives and posing, and behaving in a familiar and comfortable way.

One parting thought, for both models and their mums:

When you allow a photographer to take your photograph (or your child’s photograph), and process that to a finished image, you are placing an ENORMOUS amount of trust in that person. They will become intimately familiar with every nook and cranny of your face and body in post-processing; every pimple, blackhead, line and wrinkle, some in places that you hadn’t realised those things existed. PLEASE be sure that you trust the photographer to be peering at and modifying those exposed parts of your face and body in minute detail, even if it’s only an image. When in doubt, don’t! Always ask other trusted photographers about any new artist you are being asked to work with. Good photographers have only YOUR best interests at heart.

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