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Models Basic Induction

Hunter Creative would like to make our beginner, novice & more experience models feel welcome,relaxed and confident when joining one of our TFP groups.

High standards of personal grooming have always been a feature of successful models.Taking an active interest in all aspects of your personal grooming and the shoot, will help make for a more successful photo shoot, for all members of the team.



All models

Exfoliate your skin paying particular attention to areas like knees & elbows.

Tip: Gentle exfoliation of the face, neck and chest about 2 days before can improve your skins texture & look for the MUA. However, if you have sensitive or delicate skin and would not normally do this. Then don`t

Don`t forget to moisturise these areas too.


Facial Hair

Female Models

If your eyebrows have be shaped (plucked or waxed), check them about 2 days before your scheduled shoot and see if they need a tidy-up. Don`t wax or pluck the day before as this can leave redness that may need additional correction by the MUA. The same goes for upper lip hair, whether you wax, cream or bleach.

Male Models

A clean-shaven face is a requirement for male models (unless they are booked fora photographic shoot that requires facial hair). Also check those nose hairs and mono brow (if applicable)


Hands, Feet, Finger & Toe nails.

Female models

Check with the group if the MUA is planning to polish nails and if not, what the shoot requirements may be. Generally your finger and toe nails should be shaped, clean (with or without polish). No chipped nails or peeling polish, this can restrict the TOGS options for posing.

Apply moisturiser to your hands and feet daily, they will photograph better, Check your toes & feet for stray hairs that may need removal (ask your TOG if they are planning to take pics of feet).


Male models

Neat, clean fingernails are essential.


Body Hair

Female Models

If you plan to wax your arms, legs, bikini or underarms, allow at least 2 days for your skin to settle back to normal or if using creams or shaving do it the day before, being very careful not to nick, scratch or burn yourself.

Male Models

Same rules apply for chest & back if your shoot requires some scaping.



Female Models

Arriving with clean dry hair containing no styling products or having been thermal styled (Ironed straight as this can impede other styling) to ensure the style created will hold up. If clip in hair extensions are to be worn same rule applies but arrive with them out of the hair and in good condition. (Check if the MUA is doing hair too.) If you have other extensions they need to be regularly maintained. Ie Moved up or tightened.If hair is colours then also maintained, faded colour, regrowth and dull lifeless hair makes great hair work look terrible and unprofessional. So top up your colour, maybe give it a good treatment about a week before.

Male Models

Also freshly cleaned hair will work best, check your neckline for any stray hair and check your sideburns are even. 


In your Group before your shoot!

Participate in the discussions about the shoot and co-ordinate with other models in regards to outfits etc. Let the HMUA know what you will be wearing so they can plan the make-up look.

Advise the group of your approx., whereabouts so the TOG can find a fair and reasonable location for the shoot. Some shoots may require specialized locations so you should expect to travel.

If the HMUA asks for a clean face pic, post it up or send in a PM as soon as you can so they can plan the look in a timely fashion too. This needs to be a very recent shot straight on, with hair off the face & NO makeup.

Do some research of your own about the inspiration or theme and look at how models have posed in the images that most capture your interest.

Tattoos – If you have tattoos let your groups HMUA know and they will advise you if you will need to have them covered and how best to do that, either makeup, accessories or clothing.

Don`t forget to talk about foot wear!

Ask your TOG and HMUA as many questions as you need, so you are comfortable with the workings of that particular shoot. 


On the day!

Arrive with cleansed & moisturised skin – (Face & Body), no make-up on including Mascara.

Give your teeth a good once over to ensure there is no obvious or avoidable staining.

Check your anti-perspirant has not gone powdery on application (it happens)

Bring all costume items – cloths, jewellery, shoes etc

Wear comfortable and appropriable underwear (bra straps or waistbands pop up all the time)

Hair and make-up can take up to 2 hours per model depending on the shoot.

Bring water, snacks, book, phone, music etc. whatever you need to make you feel relaxed and comfy.


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